Breathe New Life Into Your Job Search

DS1Breathe new life into your job search | Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Check out the coverage of founder David Solomon recently talking about methods to increase your salary in the short and long term.

A method of job seeking that will turn around many job searches comes from David Solomon, the bright founder and CEO of SpringRaise LLC in Los Angeles. Solomon has worked with more than 3,700 clients at all levels. This year he added a service for senior managers to senior executives based on his own experience in traditional jobs. The 24 clients who have used the service have averaged salary increases of $5,800.

Performance Review Time?

Take full advantage of your annual review process. Get your customized step-by-step salary negotiation guide. Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our clients are saying:

“As a top performer in my company and with my annual review next week, this guide is going to be a big help.” -Martin

“SpringRaise got me a 12% raise when my company is only giving out 2%-4% salary increases.” -Matthew

Now it’s your turn. Get your customized guide now.


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