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You would never walk into a dealership to buy a car without knowing the blue book value, so don’t walk into a salary negotiation without knowing how much you should be paid.

Now there’s a blue book for your job.

Introducing your personalized CompareMe Report. This report tells you the EXACT salary you should accept at minimum in your new job, while also letting you know where your current salary stands in relation to peers. Your personalized CompareMe Report will give you the confidence and information you need to get your salary demands met.

CompareMe Reports Help You Negotiate

"My CompareMe Report has information that I didn’t know where to get in this format anywhere else." -Matt

"As a top performer in my company and with my new job offer, this is going to be a big help." -Martin

"This report is very helpful. I had no idea there were so many people doing the same kind of work at the same level." -Britt

"My CompareMe Report has VERY interesting insight and is really good information.” -Owen

How It Works

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Tell us your city, industry, what you do, your job title, and how much you make.

Find Peers

We compile a peer group by identifying people just like you in your area.


Your salary gets compared to your peers so you know exactly where you stand.

Get Paid

See the exact salary you should ask for in your salary negotiation.

Simple. Accurate. Fast. Affordable.


We only need five data points to create your CompareMe Report. It takes less than two minutes to complete the form.


We target your location first. Then we create the most accurate salary range for your job. Lastly, we tell you how much YOU should earn.


You will get your personalized CompareMe Report in one business day—and sometimes faster than that. We are personalizing your report, so give us a little time.


Unlike other companies who charge $80 for a salary report, your CompareMe Report is very affordable.
ONLY $9.99!

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