SpringRaise Your Salary.

springraise: an extraordinary raise above the salary initially offered.

Affordable solutions to maximize your salary.

Personalized Reports and Guides

CompareMe Report

How strong is your current salary? Compare your salary to peers to know where you stand and how well paid you are. Learn More

RaiseMe Report

Want to know how strong your salary offer is for your new job or raise? Your RaiseMe Report tells you that and even the minimum salary to accept. Learn More

SpringRaise Your Salary Guide

Our salary negotiation guide has 26 pages. 4 case studies. 9 salary negotiation letter samples. And 1 PROVEN method to get your SpringRaise. Learn More

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We give you the information you need. Where you stand, your Target Raise, and your SpringRaise. And it takes less than two minutes to complete all report forms.


We target your location first. Then we create the most accurate salary range for your job. Lastly, we tell you how much YOU should earn.


You will get your personalized report in one business day—and sometimes faster than that. We are personalizing your report, so give us a little time.


Unlike the competition who charge $80 for a salary report only, your personalized report also helps you negotiate AND is very affordable. Each is ONLY $19.99!

Maximize Your Salary.
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