Springraise Privacy Policy

Effective October 1, 2007 | Updated March 26, 2012 | April 10, 2014

Springraise realizes that our website, (the “Site”), can
only work if we build trust with our member communities. This policy
outlines the type of information Springraise collects from our members and
how it is shared with other parties. We reserve the right to modify this
policy at any time, and without prior notice, by posting amended terms on
this website. We encourage you to review this policy periodically for any


Springraise enables members to track and share their compensation history
online so that the collective knowledge of thousands of members can be
shared with others.
The type of data members may add to their profiles (“Profile Data”) may

  • Compensation information, including annualized salary and bonus
  • Education history including degrees earned and institutions
  • Employer companies and tenure
  • Industry, function, and title of employment over time
  • Biographical information, including photo, bio, gender, age,
    location (city, state & country), and general notes

Members may voluntarily enter information that identifies them (“Personally
Identifiable Information”) into their Profile Data or elsewhere on the Site.
You may enter as much or as little of such information as you like. In the
course of registering to use the Site, Springraise may also ask you to
provide certain information about yourself not in your Profile Data, such as
your name, address, email, and birth date.

We may also periodically ask you to complete short surveys. You are free to
respond or not. Your participation in these surveys is not required, and
your refusal to do so will not impact your experience on the site. To create
the best possible tools, research, and functionality for members, we may
also review your Personally Identifiable Information internally as needed.
Cookies are required to use the Springraise service. A cookie is a small
data file, which often includes an anonymous unique identifier that is sent
to your browser from a web site’s computers and stored on your computer’s
hard drive. Springraise uses two types of cookies: Session Cookies, and
Persistent Cookies. Session Cookies are temporary cookies that remain in the
cookie file of your browser until you leave the Website. Session cookies do
no store any personally identifying information, only a unique visitor ID
number that we can use to customize the Springraise functionality for you.
Persistent Cookies remain in the cookie file of your browser for much
longer, even after you leave the Springraise website. Persistent cookies do
no store any personally identifying information, only preferences that
should persist from visit to visit, like “Remember Me”.


So others can learn from your experience, your Profile Data will be
aggregated and made available to other members. For example, we may report
the number of members attending a particular school or the number of members
working in a particular industry. Additionally, other members will be able
to view your Profile Data. When someone is viewing your Profile Data, your
current and past Company and Title information are NOT revealed.

In addition to serving the individual needs of our members, Springraise
sponsors on-going research studies. By filling out your Profile Data you are
adding your information to our database which may be used in research. For
example, we may look at scientific questions such as, “Do certain
demographic groups receive higher compensation in a particular industry
versus others?” At Springraise and in conjunction with external researchers,
we’re interested in better understanding the dynamics of employment in the
United States and globally.

Springraise will never rent, sell or share information that personally
identifies you for marketing purposes. We do, however, provide Personally
Identifiable Information and non-Personally-Identifiable Information to
approved vendors for Springraise email communications and other Springraise
internal programs.

In the future, we may provide an opt-in service to allow our partners
(including but not limited to employers, executive recruiting firms,
industry advocacy organizations, media outlets, and research institutions)
to directly and anonymously communicate with you through our system.
Furthermore, we may provide our partners with anonymized data (which may or
may not be aggregated) for research and commercial purposes.


Springraise offers one privacy level you may choose for your participation:

  • Visible: Springraise registered members can see my Profile Data
    and user name, and can contact me through Springraise. They cannot see my
    Company and Title history.

Personally Identifiable Information not contained in your Profile Data such
as full name & birthday will not be revealed to others without your consent.

Because the value of Springraise is in sharing your experiences to help
others, we hope that you feel comfortable enough to make your profile as
visible as possible.


Springraise cannot guarantee the identity of any other members with whom you
may interact in the course of using the Site or who may have access (based
on the privacy level you have selected) to information you have posted in
the Member Area. Additionally, we cannot guarantee the authenticity of any
data that members may provide about themselves.

Finally, you should know that Springraise takes commercially reasonable
technical precautions to help keep your data secure.


While our goal is to help members improve health outcomes, there are no
certain benefits to using this website. However, keeping track of personal
well-being, treatments and symptoms has been shown to be helpful in
improving overall health.

There are also no known risks to using this website, but there is a
possibility that users may feel uncomfortable sharing information online.
You are free to stop using this service at any time. You are also free to
skip any questions or data fields that make you feel uncomfortable.

If you have questions or comments about our privacy policy, please let us
know or contact us at:

Springraise LLC.
Attn: Privacy Issues
6272 Condon Ave. Suite 100
Los Angeles, CA 90056

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