Salary and Education

Clearly salary and education are related. You got to have an education in this world in order to demand a reasonable salary and guarantee that you maintain a certain standard of living. An undergraduate degree is a must and a masters or better is becoming more and more in demand for the highest paying jobs.

So what should you do? What degree should you pursue? Do I need a masters degree? These questions are key and can be answered looking inside and out. First inside, you have to know what you want to do . At least have an idea what intersests you so that you can try it out and get paid for it. If you don’t like it, at least you have the solid education to fall back on to try something else. That’s the luxury of having that bachelor’s degree.

The same goes for a masters or professional degree. Go for what you want and the money will follow. Some careers are more lucrative than others, but believe me, money doesn’t buy happiness. It does buy great vacations, so if you can bear having a miserable job for those 2-3 weeks of awesome vacation a year, then go for it.

Check out how my salary increased after getting my MBA from UCLA in the chart below.  I went from just under $50,000/year to $90,000/year.  And that’s after turning down an offer for $140,000/year (I’m still kicking myself for that one)!  Graduate degrees can pay off!

Looking outside, there are resources that can help you understand which careers are most suited for you and your goals. The first step is to have a goal. You’ll see that everywhere on this site. After that, it’s about analysis. Get your data together.

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