Salary and Years of Experience

You guessed it. Your salary and years of experience are also related. The more work experience you have (especially in your industry) the higher ascension your salary will take. Experience counts and companies are willing to pay for it.

Age and Experience

The older you get, the more money you make for the most part. When you hit 50, however, things start to change. You may be considered ‘expensive’ by the company you’ve been with for 25 years. Or you may realize that you’re working harder than you want to and want to switch careers. Things happen that can change your salary potential based on your work experience.

Salary Scenario Planning

It’s time for you to know those scenarios up front. Sure if you’re young, you have so many options, the world is open to you. But once you’re in your 40s and making serious money, then it’s time to start planning what to do after a while. We’re not being cynical as much as realistic. We all know people who have been forced into early retirement for financial reasons. It’s just good to stay on top of things.

If you’re young, it’s cool to see what others are doing with backgrounds like yours. What about people with a BS and and a JD? What types of jobs do they have and how much money have they made over time? Should I get my JD after engineering school? These are questions that can be answered through a few resources.  Good luck!  We’ll have some resources for you in the next few months.  Stay tuned….

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