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Sometimes it’s necessary to write a salary increase  letter to clarify your position and ask for a raise.  You need to negotiate your salary to make more money right now.  It can be scary–especially in a tough economy, but do yourself a favor and make it happen!  While we recommend you do as much negotiation as possible in person with your manager, many are now requiring a letter to use in their discussions on your behalf. A letter is a powerful way to justify your request for more money.

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First Things First…

Before we get into the Two Main Goals of your salary increase letter, you have to do one thing: GAIN CREDIBILITY in your negotiation.  which increases your chances of success exponentially.

  1. Currently negotiating for a raise.

If you’ve already begun negotiations in all cases, you have to KNOW HOW STRONG your current offer is. Until you know that, you can’t credibly negotiate.

2.  You WANT to negotiate a raise.

If you want to negotiate, but haven’t started yet, you must first COMPARE your current salary to peers in that position to develop your strategy. If you’re already very well paid relative to peers, you have to generate your credibility by admitting that you’re already highly paid. If you’re underpaid, the data will tell you and you’ll have quantifiable evidence that your salary should be higher.


Two Main Goals of Your Salary Increase Letter

If you must write a salary increase letter, it must achieve two goals:

1. Justify your request for higher salary

Justification of a higher salary request or raise can be difficult because there are few external sources that a company will consider valid to justify your request.  The best way is to justify using the quality of your work if you’re looking for a raise.

2. Convey that you’re willing to walk away

Positioning in negotiation is key. The ultimate power in a salary negotiation is walking away. Companies spend thousands of dollars to get people in the seats to interview. When they like someone, they WANT that person. If you are that person and there’s a credible threat that you’ll leave your job for a competitor, companies tend to negotiate. Let me make this clear:

It is cheaper to increase your salary than it is for them to search for new candidates.

I have hired many people throughout the course of my career and this is generally accepted law, not theory. It’s a secret employers don’t want you to know! So have confidence and don’t be afraid to walk away if the salary isn’t right.

Here’s The Next Step:

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19 thoughts on “Salary Increase Letter”

  1. I am currently working with a special program and the administrative staff salaries/grades are not the same. When the program was established all personnel was allocated the same salary/grade, but my agency took upon themselves to rate the position lower. Monies are available. I am a strong performer and I have increase the benchmark threshold that governs. Before taking a more proactive role, the benchmark threshold was not in compliance. I need a strong justification to validate the increase.

  2. I’ve received job offer for Sr. Manager level and before I was working in Manager level with consideration of assigned work and expansion of department to provide support for program implementation I’m expecting a salary increase.

  3. i have been working for the company for 6 years. my problems are:
    1.they started me with a less amount.
    2.i hold degree in Food and beverage management
    3.i am a full time trainer and assessor
    4.i have developed so many documents that are being used by the company like:
    intership procedure, internship policy, checklists, updated prospectus etc.
    how do i go about negotiating in writing?

  4. I am an Insurance Producer and I am doing two jobs plus building the company. I get a monthly salary plus a meager 5% and none of the residual income although I have to retain the customers.

  5. I want to write a letter because I was hired in the company three years ago. I have not received any increase and today, I have more and bigger responsibilities and I want to ask for a raise to receive the salary that I deserved for my work and achievements of the last 3 years and my current responsibilities.

  6. My salary is less than current market and i want my boss to recommend/approve the hike in my salary from next month onwards. I am an excellent performer and deserve the increase .

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  8. Need to respond to offer letter for increasing the salary from some 2.7 to 3 .0 lacs. and also want to thanks for considering me for the said position.

  9. my position applied in my company is computer operator but i was working now as Secretary for almost a 1 year without any salary increment or income therefore i wanted to remind them for my increment because my salary rate now is not fair for my position but i have a big responsibilities..i need your help to make a excellent letter for my situation all answer came from this site is my highly appreciated thank you..

  10. I’ve been working with this current company for 5.5years but only get a small increment 8month ago. As a Project Engineer with Hons.Degree from a University, I think I am under paid. My colleague has just resigned and that triggered me to look for other jobs / ask for increment. Work is fine but I just think I’m under paid. Now I will have more work loads as his resignation. My other UNI friend’s salary are 500-1000 more than what I get now.

    I would like to request for increment

  11. i been work with this company almost 7 years. but i found that my salary not much increase and not much different with new staff who just worked for 6 months. so, help me how to write a letter to my company.

  12. Please help me put my thoughts together for salary increase. I have been employed for 9 years and have contributed alot to the company. I have only had one salary increase in since i was employed.
    Thank you for your letters and help.

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