SpringRaise Your Salary

Now Is The Time.

If you ask anyone who has tried to negotiate salary, they’ll tell you that they were a bit scared at the beginning.

“I didn’t know how to negotiate.”
“I didn’t want to seem greedy.”
“I didn’t want to seem ungrateful.”
“I didn’t want them to rescind my offer.”

But it doesn’t mean they didn’t try to get the money they felt they deserved. At that time, in that moment, they knew they had to ask for more money and they needed to get it. So, if you ask SpringRaise customers if it was worth it to negotiate, they will tell you it was–because it got them more money–right at the time when they needed it.

SpringRaise helped me negotiate a 23% raise! This changed my life.  I am now able to afford day care for my children.      -KM, Boston

What SpringRaise customers will tell you is that they overcame their fears, stepped up, and made their case for more money.  At that time, their need was urgent and they had to win that negotiation. In their Now Moment, SpringRaise came through for them.

Here’s the bottom line:

Salary negotiation is about knowing how much money you should ask for and how to justify it. If you have both of those, there’s virtually no way the employer can turn down your request.

My name is David Solomon and I have combined over 15 years worth of my experience with techniques from other successful salary negotiators into this guide because salary negotiation changed my life every time I tried it. I needed a new car, a new computer, my rent increased, starting a family, all those situations created my Now Moments. The chart above illustrates the raises I received in my career. I’m still using these same methods today, just more refined. Earlier this year I negotiated a 32% compensation increase while changing jobs. I’ve negotiated extraordinary raises (what we call “springraises”) of 15%, 18%, 35%, 43%% and even a 112% salary increase offer.  It has become second nature to me and it can for you, too. Let me and my team show you how to SpringRaise Your Salary.

SpringRaise Your Salary. Now Is The Time to Change Your Life.

How can a salary negotiation guide change your life? This guide gives you the two elements you need to build your confidence and make your case for more money.  Like we said earlier, salary negotiation is about knowing how much money you should ask for and how to justify it. SpringRaise Your Salary gives you both and more.


SpringRaise Your Salary FREEVIEW

  • Personalized CompareMe Report: We show you how much you should be paid and how much to ask for in your negotiation
  • The SPRING Method™: We show you exactly how to justify your salary request
  • The Experience Matrix™: We put you right in the middle of four real negotiations so you can learn how to respond in every situation
  • Conversation-Starters: We give you nine (9) salary negotiation letters and emails that got successful negotiations rolling.

In the last 18 months I’ve helped hundreds of people get over $2 million dollars in extra salary above what they were offered. Let me do the same for you. SpringRaise Your Salary will help you change your life.

SpringRaise got me a 12% raise when my company is only giving out 2%-4% salary increases.  -MM, Chicago

To see just how much information is contained in SpringRaise Your Salary, check out the Table of Contents and a sample CompareMe report. You’ll see just how many ways SpringRaise Your Salary prepares you to succeed in your Now Moment so you can change your life.

Success with Big and Small Companies

You may think that SpringRaise Your Salary methods only work in smaller companies who are less sophisticated than the global multi-national corporations.  If so, you would be very wrong.  These methods are proven to work no matter how big or small the company.  Companies need strong people like you to remain competitive.  Here is just a small sample of the companies SpringRaise customers have successfully convinced to  give them huge salary increases.

Our Promise to You

As I said in the beginning, I understand that deciding to ask for more money carries some risk.  I promise, if you follow the proven methods detailed in SpringRaise Your Salary throughout your negotiation, you won’t be viewed as greedy or ungrateful.  You will be respected as someone who is informed and understands how companies attract and retain talent.

What You’ll Lose If You DON’T Negotiate

It’s my duty to share with you consequences of NOT negotiating salary. A joint study by George Mason University and Temple University surveyed employees across many jobs and industries.  What they found may surprise you.  People who chose to negotiate (rather than accepting the company’s first offer) got an average of $5,000 more in annual pay. And that increased starting salary builds on itself. Let’s give an example.  Two people start a job at the same time, both getting offers of $50,000. One accepts the $50,000, and the other negotiates for an extra $5,000, bringing her salary up to $55,000. Now, if they both perform equally well and thus receive the same percentage raises throughout their careers, the one who negotiated the higher starting salary earns $600,000 more over a 40-year career.

That’s right: $600,000.

Now do you see why you MUST know how to negotiate?

Two People Can Change Your Life

There are only two people standing between you winning in your Now Moment and $600,000 more over the course of your career.

Andrew Jackson and you.

Andrew will do anything you ask, but you have to get over your doubts and act now.  This is too important.  Only $19.99 stands between you and the negotiation skills you need to get the money you need now and more money over the course of your entire career. Take control. It’s your time.



Risk Free Guarantee

If you don’t get the an increase in your salary after following the proven methods in this guide, let us know and we’ll refund you.  No questions asked.  Sure you could play us, but we’re so confident that you will be successful in your negotiation that we’re willing to bet on your integrity, and that will you know that buying SpringRaise Your Salary was money well spent.

But just in case you had any question about the value of the individual components of SpringRaise Your Salary, here’s what you would pay if you had to buy each of these items individually.  Hint, it’s over $100.

  • Salary negotiation letter samples: $10
  • Salary justification consultation: $50/hour
  • Experiential Cases: $15
  • Market Value Report: $25-$75

That’s more than $100 in value for $20. Risk free. Again, make the right choice. Now is the time.  This is the moment.