When Is Salary Negotiable?

Even if a job description doesn’t say “salary negotiable” or something similar, salary is always negotiable.  That’s right. Especially when a company says in an interview or upon getting an offer that the salary isn’t negotiable, then it’s definitely negotiable.

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Here’s the golden rule of hiring:

It’s cheaper to hire you than it is for them to keep looking for candidates–even if you ask for more money!

Here are a few more reasons why salary is always negotiable:

1.  They want you or they wouldn’t be talking salary

If they’re talking salary then they want you and that means you have leverage.  If they think you’re willing to talk away for a measly extra $2,000 or an extra $1 per hour, then they’ll pay it more often than not.  Why?  Because of the golden rule above.

2.  If you can justify the request for higher salary, it puts them on their toes

If you can show that you have a better offer or your current salary at your job is higher than what they’re offering, then they have to make a choice:  look for and hire an inferior candidate for less money or give you what you ask (or slightly less) and hire you quickly.  It activates the HR and Compensation teams when you put in the request for higher salary.  They have to analyze your request which keeps them on their toes.

3.  Salary negotiation is something they’re used to doing.  They just don’t want to.

Employers want it both ways.  They want you for the least amount of money, but doing the most work.  While that works out well for them, it typically means you get paid less.  Companies are used to negotiating salary as people do it all the time.  Don’t think your situation is so isolated and special that you can’t do what everyone else is doing.  Negotiating is common.

So don’t be afraid to negotiate even if “salary negotiable” doesn’t appear in the job description.  Even in this economy–especially in this economy, it’s important for you to get the salary you deserve.

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